Temporary storage warehouse

From December 25, 2001 in the new territory at Dubna, Moscow region. st. Meadow d.26a joined the customs terminal OOO RosImpEks (license 10110/100027 dated April 1, 2008).

Warehouse of temporary storage - it is:

  • capital building with heating and lighting more than 1000 m2,
  • open platform for storage of oversized cargo
  • parking to accommodate heavy trucks.

Warehouses are equipped with modern fire safety systems and alarm systems. The building is equipped with a storage rack, the height of which corresponds to the lower level of the cargo compartment of a vehicle for the convenience of customs clearance and handling. The entire territory is under the SVH-clock surveillance of . TSW equipped to receive quarantine, veterinary and phytosanitary products.

At SVH installed refrigerators with an operating temperature to -25 ° C for storage of frozen food. SVH "RosImpEks" is included in the list of places customs storage (clearance) of goods identified by order of the SCC of Russia 140 of 09.02.2001, the

the terminal is located in the immediate vicinity of the Dmitrov highway, to the storerooms suitable railway line from the station. Great Volga Moscow railroad. Customs terminal is directly adjacent to the customs post Dubninskaya Schelkovo customs.


Address 141980, Moscow region,
Dubna, Lugovaya, 26 and
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Phone / Fax 8(49621) 2-69-26 secretary,
8(49621) 2-69-28 fax
Phone / fax Accounting 8 (49621) 6-59-05