Dubna customs post

    Dubna customs post

    Dubninskaya customs post Schelkovo customs of the Central Customs Administration RF State Customs Committee was formed in 1992.

    Address Russia, Moscow region, Dubna, ul. Meadow forth 26a

    Phone / Fax 8 (49621) 2-69-26 - phone
    8 (49621) 2-69-28 - fax

    In the area of the post include: Dubna, city Taldom and Taldom district, railway station "Big Volga", "competition", "Taldom", "Verbilki" ;.

    The structure Dubnenskogo customs post include: temporary storage warehouse OOO RosImpEks "(having a status of" Basic WTS ") and the Customs Broker Ltd" ELTB "in cooperation with OOO EvrAzKonsalt".