Customs broker

Co.Ltd EvrAzKonsalt provides a full range of services connected with customs clearance (clearance) of goods imported and exported to the territory of Russia.

Our company is founded on the basis of the customs broker "ELTB" and offers its services for clearance of goods without restriction on the category of goods in accordance with TNVD on Dubninskaya customs post.

Co.Ltd EvrAzKonsalt offers a modern and quality customs services, services ofromleniyu imports (imports) and exports (export):

Professional Experience Co.Ltd EvrAzKonsalt "in the field of customs services and cargo allowed to create the most effective schemes yraboty today. For the convenience of our customers kompagniya provides transportation services and customs oforomleniya, as in the complex, and as a separate and distinct services. Our staff underwent special training and are qualified experts in customs ofromleniyu and experience in the market of customs services from 5 to 10 years. Among our customers are importers and exporters, whose products are widely izvestvna worldwide.

Customs broker Customs broker Customs broker